Spring Break 2012 Edition – the rest of the week

Sadly the end of spring break has arrived.  But it doesn’t look like I’ll be going back to work tomorrow.  (More about that later )  It’s been a terrific week.  
There was kite flying in the park

We visited several different parks and played with friends 3 out of 5 days.The weather ended up being much better than we had expected.

There was even some superhero flying at the park.  Isn’t my little daredevil pretty creative!

We only drove the car twice – and one time was on Friday when we went down to visit family.  The rest of the time we walked.  I figured out how far we walked on Thursday and it was about 8 miles.  Hmmm maybe that explains why WeeMan was dozing in the wagon on one of the walks.  

On Friday we went down to visit my grandma and play with sweet Miss Mary some more.

There was a merry-go- round at the mall so quarters were used.

Mama even got herself some goodies while we were at the mall.  I love being able to walk into a Gap store and buy things that fit me well.  (Especially if they are having a good sale and a lot of those things are on the clearance rack!)  My weight loss for the week was about 9 pounds. Thanks to lots of walking and salads.

We wrapped up the week with a sick WeeMan.  Poor little guy had it coming out both ends on Friday.  We made a trip to the doctor on Saturday and were told he probably has Rotovirus.  He’s contagious until the diarrhea stops.  There were a lot of tears this weekend and a lot of rocking.  Poor baby!  He did muster enough strength to color eggs last night.

And we even had an egg hunt in the backyard today… since we couldn’t make it to church.  We’re still dealing with diarrhea, so I’ve already called the sitter and let her know he won’t be there tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll be going back to work on Tuesday.  
I hate that he’s sick.  There’s nothing worse than trying to explain to a three year old that mommy can’t make his belly stop hurting.  


2 thoughts on “Spring Break 2012 Edition – the rest of the week

  1. Mama, Thanks for the love and prayers you sent to me, today. I truly appreciate it. You were one of the people who inspire me to be more realistic with my blog. You lost NINE pounds in a week? I'm impressed! Hope baby boy gets well, soon. xo, Cheryl

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