Life has returned to normal – or as close to normal as possible in the Livingston house.  WeeMan is recovered from the flu we battled last weekend.  He wore his Easter Sunday outfit to church this Sunday – Here’s a few pics of him in all his cuteness.  You can tell from the goofiness that he’s feeling fine.

After church we had a great lunch and visit with our cousins.  We used to be really close with them.  In fact hubby and I set them up.  They were married within 6 months of us.  We used to double date all the time before kids.  Then things changed and life got in the way – our paths kind of veered during the having children stage – partly my fault I know.  Pretty sad.  But we’re trying to rekindle that friendship and closeness.  Sunday was a great start at it. 

This is their daughter – my niece – with WeeMan.  She is only a few months older than him. 

WeeMan is ever creative when it comes to problem solving.  He was determined that he was going to get in the tree.  Didn’t make it yesterday, but I have a feeling by the end of the summer he’ll have it figured out.

Isn’t she so sweet
I even got some garage saling in this weekend.  Found a few goodies. I’ll have to share some pictures of them later this week. 
I am so glad that spring weather is here to stay.  It makes my heart feel lighter.  I love walking with my family in the evenings and digging in the dirt with WeeMan.  I’ll have to start planning my garden soon. 
Hope you are all having a joyful spring week!

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