We’ve been doing a lot of thinking and talking and praying this week.  Wednesday in our Circle Maker group one of the topics of discussion was doing more than praying – actually taking that leap of faith and putting some action behind our words.  Steve and I have talked about adopting over and over again.  We’ve prayed for God  to add to our family in whatever way he sees fit… but we’ve never actually done anything else.  
So we have decided to start moving forward… slowly… but forward.  I’ve begun doing some research on adopting through the state.  Indiana has a program that allows you to adopt children whose parents rights have been removed, without going through an agency.  We had friends who began going through this process and then got pregnant, so we have a little background.  Of course it’s much less expensive, but we also feel strongly that there are so many kids who need – deserve a better home.  I often come home from school and tell Hubby about this child or that child that I would bring home with me and love on, until their hearts were healed.  (One of the hardest parts of being a teacher for me is seeing the hurting kiddos – and not being able to fix things for them.)  
So today I contacted the contact person for the state program to get more information.  We are tentively planning to go to a training being offered on June 2.  We’re going to take this leap together.

2 thoughts on “thinking

  1. That's a huge step. You are so right – there are so many kids that need a loving family and you would make such a difference in the outcome of their life. I think if my son didn't have additional needs that we would have adopted. Do you follow Musings From Kim K? She adopted a daughter from China. Her daughter went from being cooped up in an orphanage with a heart problem to coming to the US, having the necessary surgery done and being a bubbly, happy little girl. Who knows what would have happened if she had had to stay in the orphanage.

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