Counting Down

Life right now is all about counting down for us. 

We’re counting down days until summer break (only 8 more school days left). We’re anxious for the day that WeeMan can sleep in and mommy can kiss daddy goodbye at 5:30am and then sit on the porch swing in her jammies with a cup of coffee and one of the free Kindle books ( I just keep getting them from Pixel of Inc b/c they look good…. but who has time to read right now!)

We’re counting down days until our garden is planted.  Tonight WeeMan and I are roadtripping to the greenhouse with a friend and her daughter (The greenhouse is called Just a Dream Greenhouse – love that name) I’ve got my list of garden plants made and I have no idea what kind of pretties I’m going to get for the front porch yet – I like to be surprised by something that catches my eye.  So far I have 21 geraniums from the 4-h kids at school – I need some viney things and some yellow things…. we’ll just have to go from there.  I’ve decided I’m only potting some marigolds in the back for the mosquitos…. everything else in the backyard is going to be gardeny (besides my zinnias and my perennial garden) I’m doing zucchini and yellow squash in containers – a stacked lettuce and herb garden – tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and I’m going to try pole beans again.  I’ve been researching how to put the teepees together with supplies we already have.

We’re counting down days until I can start working on the growing summer project list.  We’ll be painting the stairway, the upstairs hall, the guest room, the hallway, the stairs, and I’m going to cut simple family rules and post them on each riser of the stair.  (Thank you Cricut and Pinterest!) Oh and I’m hoping to paint our ugly laminate counter tops and do some serious cleaning and purging. 

Right now counting down is what is helping us keep our sanity.  There’s some stress going on in our family – can’t really share about it here.  But we’ll keep counting down days and hopefully things will change.


2 thoughts on “Counting Down

  1. Sounds like you are going to be busy this summer. I've been thinking about buying a Cricut, but I'm afraid I will start labeling EVERYTHING. I have the feeling it's a little addictive.

  2. What a big list. Sounds like mine! Tell me all about painting the countertops when you're done. I've heard about it, but can't believe it! We have 5 more days. You're lucky to be done sooner. Have a great summer!

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