Weekend Blessings

I’ve started counting my blessings again.  I’m reading Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts” again.  This is my second time through and I am seeing things I missed the first time.  I’m going to work on making a habit of finding the gifts in the everyday.  I know this year has been a struggle for me and I’m guilty of not being grateful for the gifts God has given me everyday.  So let’s try again.
1. Peonies blooming by the patio, reminding me of grandma’s house.

2. A miracle child – I love more and more each day

3. Silly pictures

4. Being able to be a soccer mom

5. Friendships between mom’s and kids

6. red and orange marigolds on the patio

7. Gardening help

8. Legs that run

9. Joy in the game

10. Sunny Saturdays

11. Families all around

12 Fluffiness

13. Family time on Sunday afternoon
14. Enough bread to share

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