Summer Project #1 – and summer break hasn’t even started yet

Summer break hasn’t even started yet and we’ve knocked out our first project.  It’s a pinterest find – gotta love the pinterest!  Hubby and I made a tent for our WeeMan.  It was definitely a team project.

I’ll show you the picture first and then I’ll tell you how I did it.  Total cost for the project was $5.50 – cheap!!

So here’s the rundown.
1. Buy hula hoop at yard sale – 50 cents
2. Buy curtains at Big Lots $5.
3. Cut or in this case remove sticker and open Hula Hoop at joint.  
4. With regular scissors – trip hula hoop to desired size.
5. Thread curtains on to hula hoop.
6. Close hula hoop and cover joint with duct tape.
7. Raid hubby’s tackle box for fishing line.
8.  Sew fishing line through curtain and around hoop in 6 or more places.
9. Convince hubby to put  heavy duty eye ring into ceiling – this may take some work.
10.  Loop and tie all strands of fishing line together through large snap hook
11. Hang  from ceiling and enjoy!

WeeMan has a new favorite place to read

So serious!
His mind continually amazes me! Yesterday morning during breakfast of scrambled eggs – he said “Mama are we eating baby chickies?”  Making connections already!


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