Father’s Day

In my life I have been blessed to have known several amazing father’s – here are my favorite ones.  
My Hubby.  He is wonderful with our WeeMan.  Sometimes I think he doesn’t realize what a good dad he is.  I couldn’t ask for better and I look forward to the next part of our family adventure together.  I know however God adds to our family, Hubby’s strength, patience, kind heart, and humor will make the journey easier.

My dad.  God took him to Heaven way before we were ready to see him go.  He was an amazing and awesome father to my sister and brother and I.  He taught me to think for myself, to stand up for my family, to help whoever you can however you can just because – not for glory or for recognition, to believe in God and to have faith even when you aren’t sure where God is, to work hard, to laugh, to love the world around us, to appreciate simple things, to find the beauty in the nature around us, and to always keep your eyes open for surprises like arrowheads or mushrooms – all the little things you might miss if you aren’t paying attention. I only wish he would have been around long enough to teach those things to WeeMan and to take him on the camping trip he started planning the day he was born.


2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Hope you're enjoying your summer vacation. I saw your had some teacher projects pinned on Pinterest. I keep referring the teachers in my family to your boards!

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