Where has summer gone

The month of June flew by – I meant to blog.  I even did some Pinterest projects and took pictures of all the steps – in spite of my hubby laughing at me.  But with the best of intentions I just never got it done.

So what happened in June?  Well not much excitement – here’s the bullet point version.

* We’re in drought conditions along with most of the midwest.  We’re under a burn ban – including fireworks (which kind of seemed like a no duh move to me… but there was some debate)  The city fireworks show has been postponed indefinitely.  I’ve been watering my garden with the sprinkler every other day – hoping for some veggies to survive.  Please say a prayer for all the farmers who can’t water their fields with a simple little sprinkler.  We have had some big storms over the last few days.  Friday night was a fast and ruthless storm with 90 mile an hour winds.  Yesterday was a smaller storm… but with a nice steady rain for a couple of hours.  A definite blessing.

* I spent a week of June in training for work.  We’re switching our computers over to Mac and all the teachers in our corp received MacBook Airs and IPads.  So I’ve spent some time relearning how to use a computer.  I think I’m finally getting the hang of the differences.  Also spent some serious time working on things for next year.  Yearlong theme is pretty well done.  I also set up a classroom blog – turned out amazing.  Can’t wait for my kiddos to start updating it next year.

* We bought a bigger swimming pool for WeeMan.  It’s one of those round ones with the inflatable top ring.  30 inches deep – which is chest height on him.  We’ve spent a lot of hot sultry evenings in the pool while the sprinkler takes care of the garden.

* We’ve also spent some time with good friends – both old and new.  I have to say our family is truly blessed in the friend department and it’s wonderful to just have that time to laugh and visit together.

* Finally the biggest piece of news – we’re moving forward with pursuing adoption through the state.  We have our first class on July 11.  We will have to take 16 hours of classes before our home study can be done.  Of course the idea of a home study has us motivated to pursue some of those projects around here – like the kitchen flooring – that has been discussed and put off over and over again.  I’ll be honest I’m scared to death about moving forward this way.  I think it’s the idea that someone could say our home/ or us isn’t good enough to qualify for adoption.  But I’m trying to have faith. Not an easy act for a control freak like me!


4 thoughts on “Where has summer gone

  1. Mama, Sounds like a wonderful summer thus far! We JUST got some rain last night down here in Bloomington. We fear for fire, too. Sounds as if you are on the right track in so many ways! xo, Cheryl

  2. Congratulations to ALL of the above!!!!We need more people like you guys to take on the state adoptions. You work in school like I do, you see how some kids just aren't taken care of properly at home. It just takes a small thing, or a HUGE thing in your case to change that around one step at a time. How exciting!P.S. LOVE your background on the blog. I think you've gotten some rain we haven't here. I'm tired of looking at a yard that looks like a wheat field! Have a great 4th despite no fireworks!

  3. Yay!!! Adoption is WONDERFUL!!! So excited for you!! We were going to look into adoption when we were first starting out and I couldn't get pregnant. We actually still talk about how we would have loved to. We actually still would, if we had the funds for it. So happy for you!!! There are soo many sweet children who need love!!!

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