Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July to all of you! We’re under a burn ban here in Indiana.  Haven’t seen much rain all summer.  Even the storms over the weekend weren’t enough to be much help.  Because of the dry conditions most places have canceled their fireworks shows – unless they happen to be on a lake.  And they expanded the burn ban to include fireworks last week.  (Hmmm you’d think that would be common sense wouldn’t you?  Flaming rockets plus extremely dry grass equals dumb idea.  Of course my neighbors have decided they are exempt from following the rules. No shocker there . Just hoping that they get arrested or fined before they set the neighborhood on fire.) 
Anyways we found our own way to celebrate this Independence Day.  This morning we woke to discover WeeMan’s butterflies had come out of their chrysalis’s.  So we spent the day watching them sip delicately from orange wedges and flutter around their home.  Once the temperatures started to come down a bit we carted them outside and gave them their independence.  Not a bad way to celebrate I think.

I think this is what pure joy looks like.  I want to remember this smile forever.

It’s been a rough week so far here. (Can’t go into why) Today was a beautiful reminder of the blessings I have in my life.  I thank God everyday for WeeMan. He reminds me to stop – to see the beauty and the joy in the things around us.  These are the moments I wish I could bottle up.


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