Silence is reigning in our house and I’m just not sure what to do with it.  We took WeeMan over to my mom’s today. (Well we met her halfway) He’s going to spend the rest of the week with her and we’ll go get him Saturday.  I know he was super excited and I suspect she was too.  He’s going to go to VBS at the church I grew up in and she already had play dates made for him with a couple of the other ladies grandsons.  I know he’ll have fun… but I miss his chatter and his silliness.  Oh don’t get me wrong I’m going to enjoy my quiet time the next few days… it’s just weird.  Hubby and I came home and cleaned WeeMan’s room.  (Some of his toys may or may not have made their way into the donate bags and the give to younger cousin bag. )

I am going to get some serious work done at school tomorrow, get a pedicure, go to Walmart all by myself – and maybe Goodwill too! Hubby and I are also going to go to Lowes and get our kitchen flooring set up.  (Super exciting since we’ve talked about it forever!)

In other news hubby and I went to our first training for adopting through the state today.  It was a lot to process and I feel like I left with more questions then I went with, but we’re moving forward.  Tonight I need to work on processing and just thinking about what we learned today.  I’ll have to post more about that later.


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