Vacation – Here we Come!

The car is packed – and packed I do mean crammed full of every possible thing we might need.  The plants are watered and the house is clean.  We must be ready to head out on our vacation.

Tomorrow morning we will be hitting the road around 4 am – if all goes according to plan.  We’ll be driving about 9 hours to Alabama.  Hubby’s great aunt lives down there so we try to go visit each summer.  This summer we are changing our routine up a bit.  His aunt is in a nursing home now – which means our daily visits are a bit shorter and definitely more limited.  (Keeping a 3 year old entertained in a  nursing home can be a bit challenging.) So instead of staying in a motel -like we usually do, we rented a cabin on a large lake.  ( Surprisingly it isn’t costing us much more and will probably make up for the price difference in the comfort of having more than one room for the three of us to share)

I’ve packed a basket full of toys and treats from the Dollar Store – hopefully to distract WeeMan from the fact we will be in the car for 9 hours! Keep your fingers crossed for us that it works and we are able to maintain our sanity.  I’ll be back when we get home with a picture post of our adventures.


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