Home from Vacation

We’ve been home since Monday.  I’ve been a real slacker though.  I’ve got a ton of pictures to share and words to write, but I just haven’t sat down and put my thoughts together.  Vacation was wonderful and needed – I’ll make myself tell you all about it tomorrow.  In the meantime I’m doing some planning and some heavy thinking.  Now that we’ve started the process to adopt it seems to be going so fast.  We will have all our classes finished by the first of September and there’s part of me that is thinking -“Whoa! Slow down! ” But I can’t decide which part of me is thinking that – so I’m halfway ignoring it right now and trying to focus on what needs to be done.  Time to get my booty in gear.  Tomorrow after I go work at school a bit I’m swinging by the hardware store to pick up paint for the hallway upstairs.  Nothing fancy – just plain old white to cover the dings and dents and freshen it up.  (I’m sure the dings have nothing to do with me  moving  large pieces of furniture in and out of our bedroom on a regular basis – just a coincidence!)

So I’ll leave you hanging tonight – but I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you all about our trip.


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