Alabama in pictures

Better late then never right? Here is the promised picture post about our vacation.  With the way this week is starting out I wish we were back in Alabama.
No trip to the south would be complete for the Livingston’s without a stop in Nashville at Jack’s BarBQue. Delicious! I love their white barbecue sauce.

This was our home away from home.  I think it spoiled us for motel staying permanently.  It was so nice to have a little house all for ourselves. We loved having a home base and not having to eat out every meal.

The stairs down to our private dock on Smith Lake.  Hubby counted them the first day and informed me there were 90.  That’s a LOT of stairs to come up!

The living room.  There was no phone, no internet, and no cable.  There was a dvd player and at night we enjoyed watching movies together.  I watched “The Princess Bride” all the way through for the first time and WeeMan fell in love with “Winnie the Pooh” and “The Never Ending Story”

Our kitchen which was the other side of the living room.  Well laid out for such a tiny space and I loved the open shelving.

Getting ready to try our hand at fishing

Fishermen – Grandpa was smiling down on this moment I’m sure.  Wish he could have been there for WeeMan’s first fishing trip

WeeMan and I discovered this little morning visitor.  There was also a lizard with a beautiful blue tail, but he was way too fast for us to catch with out camera.

The reason for the visit Aunt Joyce – known as Great Grandma to WeeMan. Love the happiness and love on both their faces in this one.

Toes in the water!

Taking a playdoh break before bed one night.  Wish I could freeze those chubby baby hands.

Mama’s catch.  My dad was definitely smiling down on us our last night.  Seemed like as soon as we cast out we’d get a bite.  WeeMan was so excited he was dancing around the dock.


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