Looking Forward to the week ahead

I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief – we’ve weathered two incredibly busy weeks and survived.  We did more than survive actually, we managed to not eat out except on the weekends – once or twice each week – even though I wasn’t home much to actually cook anything.  But finally this week life will be slowing down and returning to normal.

We spent most of the weekend taking it easy and doing little things.  Saturday morning a sweet friend went to a local historical park and took some more fall pictures for us – hubby was upset that his glasses turned dark in the first set of family shots we had taken.  She got some beauties.  I’m so blessed to have a talented, loving friend.  These are some of my favorites.
Other than pics our weekend consisted of catching up on groceries and laundry.  I made a menu for the week and am looking forward to being home every night to cook for my family.  (Another blessing!)  

Saturday night hubby and I had a date night at home.  Hubby smoked some delicious ribs on the Big Green Egg and after WeeMan went to bed we watched tv and cuddled.  ( Not a bad date night even though we couldn’t get a sitter)

“Young boys should never be sent to bed . . . they wake up a day older.” J.M. Barrie

So I’m wrapping up the weekend by counting my blessings!

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