The Small Things

I’ve been home for the past two days.  My WeeMan has bronchitis.  While my mommy heart hates to see him sick, I’ve enjoyed these extra days home with him.  I’ve caught up on cuddles, laundry, cleaning, and organizing.  I’ve even done a few small projects that I’m super happy with.  
I painted this Goodwill find a sunny yellow – it was a bright red. Then I decided to hang it nice and low in the kitchen to display my vintage garage sale aprons.  I love to wear a pretty apron while I cook.  
WeeMan was on the road to recovery and getting antsy today so we baked some yummy monster cookies together.  (He was confused and kept asking where the monster was though!) I didn’t have M&Ms so we used dried cranberries and chocolate chips and they are divine!  
I’m also enjoying the last of my pretty yellow roses.  Pretty sure I won’t be seeing anymore of these until next summer now, but they were a nice surprise so late in the season.

I’m thankful we were able to get into the doctor yesterday and get an antibiotic and some cough medicine.  Poor little guy hadn’t had a solid night’s sleep since Thursday – yep that means mama hadn’t either.  Last night he took one dose of the cough medicine and slept until 9 this morning.  I know his little body needed the rest.
Finally a peek at Hubby’s Sunday project.  I’ve been working on WeeMan’s bathroom a piece at a time (you can tell I still need to repaint- see that old wallpaper peaking through)  Hubby used some spigot heads we found in the basement and an old piece of board he found in the garage and WeeMan has a new towel rack.  Just what I had pictured and all for the cost of a few screws to hold the spigot heads on. 
So I’m counting all my blessings today and surprise days off!
Sick days with my WeeMan
A Hubby that doesn’t question his wife’s weird projects
Medicine that heals
Surprise roses late in the season
Small projects finished up


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