Quarantine Day 2 and a Thrifty Christmas Wreath

On day 2 of our quarantine I was able to get quite a few projects done.  WeeMan helped me make blueberry muffins.  He loves to help cook (which is why he’s getting his own kitchen for Christmas – daddy and I just have to make it out of the microwave cart I bought at a garage sale)

Then during nap time I vegetated with HGTV and put together a wreath for the front door.  The best part is it was only $3.  I had almost everything on hand.

The only thing purchased for the project was a $3 L ornament I found on black Friday.  I simply wrapped a square grape vine wreath I had already with artificial pine swag – also on hand- and then added my L and a bow.  Not bad for $3!


One thought on “Quarantine Day 2 and a Thrifty Christmas Wreath

  1. Congratulations! I LOVE the new blog here! THANKS for the encouragement. I’ve been catching up on ALL your old posts and am so happy to hear how well things are going (except for poor sick Weeman). Your little hooks are sooo cute and I’m happy that you’ve chosen to let Weeman’s light shine at your school. That, Christmas thrifting and scrimping all sound so familiar round my home too. Hope you really EnJoY your holidays!

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