One more

Today was my last day home with my little man.  My mom has come up to spend the next two days with him so I can get back to my class.  He was definitely feeling more normal today – orneriness was back in full force.  I had to come up with ways to keep him busy.  

We hung our Christmas lights and decorated the front porch, rearranged the Fisher Price nativity, fed stale bread to the birds and the neighbor cats, and baked monster cookies.  As I cleaned up the spilled oatmeal and thought of how much longer cooking takes with little hands helping out, I couldn’t help but realize just how blessed I am.  


3 thoughts on “One more

  1. How exciting! Love the background! Did you just move? I stopped by the old address last week sometime and got all caught up on your older posts, but I don’t think you had moved yet? Love that you guys are rearranging the nativity. That is one of my favorite memories from childhood, although they didn’t have Fisher Price back then.

  2. Ahhh how nice for your mom to come hang out. Sorry to hear he back to normal soon, but sometimes I know normal can be crazy too …. lol

    Ahhh yes blessed sometimes I need to remind myself of that too 🙂

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