My Comfort Zone

ImageLife has been interesting lately.  My sister had her baby on Friday last week.  I am now the aunt of another beautiful little girl.  While I am incredibly happy for my sister, there will always be this little bit of darkness in my heart that is jealous and covets the family she can have so easily.  No matter how happy I am and thrilled that the birth was easy and that they are settling in to being a family of four, an ache will remain in my heart for our baby Zion and for the large family that we weren’t meant to have.  I find that it’s a bit of a relief that this month is crazy and that we aren’t able to rush down to her side.  It’s a relief to know that my heart has time to adapt – to try to let that darkness go before I meet this sweet little girl.

February has somehow become a very busy month for us.  We have something going on almost every weekend. I’ve got to get busy on my projects – especially the half finished ones!

ImageMost of you know about our recent church struggles and how we’ve found a new one and settled in.  Well the pastor emailed us this week and asked for something that will really push me out of my comfort zone.  He asked Steve and I to be a host site for  a breakout church session on the 24th.  One of the elders will be there to lead the service and to serve communion.  (whew!) The only thing we need to do is provide a location.  They are going to ask that people sign up to attend the service nearest to their house, Josh said it would be 20 to 30 people probably.  20-30 strangers! Way out of my comfort zone! 

On the bright side I am doing a Tastefully Simple party the Saturday before, so at least I can combine all the cleaning and prep work.  Smart thinking, huh!




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