Another Week and Another Menu


Wow! This weekend was super productive.  I met up with my freezer cooking group Saturday morning and came home with 6 delicious freezer meals.  I made Chicken Teriyaki for the crockpot for my meal and I think it’s going to be yummy.  (Plus easy!)

I also got all the usual weekend chores done and made it Goodwill for the monthly 50% off sale and got my menu plan done and cleaned up the backyard.  Whew! I was a busy girl. Today I still plan to make my own granola and make some 5 ingredient (Gluten Free) Peanut Butter Cookies

So here’s the menu for this week

Sunday night – Hamburgers cooked by hubby on the Big Green Egg

Monday –


Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas from Six Sister’s Stuff Blog and Cheesy Mexican Rice

Tuesday night – Hubby is cooking on the grill again.  We’ll thaw something from the freezer

Wednesday night – Hubby is playing so it’s just me and the little man


Ultimate Grilled Cheese and carrot and celery sticks

Thursday night

Hawaiian Meat Loaf from Women Living Well Blog

Friday night

Taco Haystacks from $5 Dollar Dinners

2 thoughts on “Another Week and Another Menu

  1. Yikes! You put me to shame in the kitchen ANd make me hungry! I’ll have to try more of your recipes. I always seem to like whatever you pin! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well w/all you’re juggling – niece, church group, projects etc etc etc!

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