Spring Break – Part 1 Easter

Spring break has finally arrived.  It was ushered in on Friday with spring like weather – a promising change.  I’m looking forward to staying home with my sweet WeeMan and working on several Pinterest projects.  Nothing too major – a trip to Goodwill, Chick Fil A and the library are on the calendar.

I’m pretty sure I’ve had my very best spring break memory already, though.  On Friday WeeMan brought me his Resurrection eggs (Easter eggs with little treasures inside that tell the story of Jesus.)  I settled in with him on the couch, expecting to go through egg by egg and tell him what each one is for.  Instead I settled in on the couch and listened to his sweet voice as he opened each egg and told me about the symbols inside – everything down to the quarters they paid the bad man for finding Jesus.  I am amazed and humbled by my sweet little man and the knowledge he has.  

The following are some snapshots of our Easter celebration.  I am truly blessed.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


2 thoughts on “Spring Break – Part 1 Easter

  1. Love WeeMan’s hat! And his faces! Oh my goodness! He’s adorable! And the resurrection eggs – now that’s a mommy story to store up and treasure in your heart.

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