The Week Ahead

So I’m on week 2 of the monthly meal plan.  So far – we’ve had a couple of minor changes – but it’s working really well.  I made one large grocery trip the week before last.  I thought I had everything besides the staples I knew I would have to replace as the weeks progressed, and I’d have been in great shape except for unexpected company for the whole weekend this weekend.  That meant I had to make another good sized trip last weekend.  

I’m hoping as I get the hang of this that I’ll be prepared for unexpected company and won’t have any more surprise trips.

This week I had one minor change – I was planning to do pizza soup in the crockpot today, but who wants to eat soup when it’s summery outside.  So I’m not sure what we’ll have for dinner tonight.  Maybe just grilled cheese sandwiches.  

Here’s the plan for the week ahead 

Monday – ????

Tuesday – Daddy plays cards – so David and I have sandwiches

Wednesday – Chicken and spinach enchiladas

Thursday – pancakes and bacon or BLT’s (T-ball practice night – so we may have to do quick easy)

Friday – 2nd Grade Lock in – so the boys are on their own

Saturday – Date night with our friends

Sunday – Mother’s Day – hubby is making barbecue chicken on his Big Green Egg



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