Almost Done

Only 9 days of school left.  It seems like at this time of year we’re all just marking time.  Grades are pretty well done, we know who is moving on to the next grade and who will be back, testing is done, and we’re just biding our time trying to squeeze in some last few days of fun.  This year is a bit odd, my student teachers last day was on Thursday, so I definitely feel like I’m just marking time.  Honestly, I wish we were done now.  It’s hard to come in and pick up where she left off.  If we hadn’t had all the snow and flooding in March and April, we’d be winding down with our last day on Friday.  While I enjoyed the snow days in March… now I’m wishing we were going to be done on time.  (What can I say can’t please everyone!)

In the meantime we’re welcoming summer with some of our favorite activities and projects here in our little piece of home.  ImageOur first trip to the Fort Wayne Zoo Friday with David’s preschool.  We renewed our membership so there will be many more trips to come this summer.  I was so proud of our Big boy for staying right with us the whole time.

ImagePlaying some Saturday morning soccer.  WeeMan scored a goal and played goalie.  Unfortunately, mommy missed it.  Daddy took him to the game so mommy could go garage sale at the town wide garage sales in the next town.  (Sad I missed his goal – but found lots of random goodies at garage sales – so it made up for it.)

ImageCelebrating the last day of preschool for this year with family on Sunday – a cookout and some swing time with cousins.

ImageHelping daddy with a fun summer project!

ImageSummer project #1 before, during, and after .  Yahtzee dice for the yard!

ImageFinally, the garden is started.  This summer we’re mostly growing a salsa/ bruschetta garden.  Lots of tomatoes, basil, cilantro, and peppers.  Yum!

I’ve also been sticking to my monthly menu plan.  This month I had to make one extra sizable trip to the grocery after doing my big monthly shopping.  Mostly, I had to make that one because the in laws came and stayed the whole weekend instead of the day.  I’m looking forward to doing even better in June.  I’ve got our menu planned for the month, and I’m working on my grocery list and pantry inventory.  I’ll have to post about it later.  

Come on summer! I’m ready to catch up at home. 



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