Summer Daze 2

Today is our second official day of summer vacation and I hope the rest of the days look like today!

We started our day out by walking to the library.  Little man got signed up for the summer reading program and brought home a stack of books to read – all about critters of course!  Mama even managed to grab a couple of books off the adult stacks.  (If you’ve ever taken a preschooler to the library you know that is quite an accomplishment!)

We spent a good couple of hours in the library doing puzzles and reading and then made our way home.  Once we got home we had a picnic lunch in the backyard and started to set up our pool.  

Then it was time for some quiet time to rest up for Vacation Bible School tonight.  While WeeMan rested I was able to do my Bible Study for the day.  I’m participating in the “Anything” Bible study with the Good Morning Girls.  So far I am really enjoying the way the daily reading is set up and the book.  I’m definitely feeling the push to do something – to shake my comfy world up.

I know it’s not very exciting but these are the kind of summer days I live for.


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