Perfect Berry Picking Weather


Today was the perfect day to visit the Strawberry patch.  We loaded up a caravan full of friends – 4 adults and 8 little ones between the ages of 6 and 1 if you can imagine! We picked our fill and had full buckets and baskets after only an hour of being in the sunshine.  The little did a terrific job of only picking the red ones and steering clear of the ones that had gotten a little too ripe.  

ImageThe berries were plentiful and easy to find


It doesn’t seem like work when the sun is shining and you know the end product will be sweet rewards!



We wrapped up our hard work with lunch at Chik -Fil -A.  I’m pretty sure they thought they were being invaded by a daycare/ preschool field trip at first, but as usual they were wonderfully hospitable.  Quickly helping us arrange a few tables so we could all sit together and carrying food and drink and condiments to the table for us as needed.  After lunch the kiddos even found the energy to play on the playground for a bit.


Now the real work begins! What to do with 7 pounds of strawberries…. think I’d better go do some searching on Pinterest.  Maybe freezer jam.



One thought on “Perfect Berry Picking Weather

  1. We love strawberry picking. Our local fields here suffered badly though from floods and only opened one weekend this year: the one we were on vacation 😦

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