Summer Flying By

ImageWe’re staying way too busy this summer between Tee Ball and Soccer, garage sales, school trainings, swimming, and library trips.  But it’s a good kind of busy.  I just hope our summer doesn’t go too fast! I mean where did June go? It’s almost over for crying out loud.  I thought I’d do a nearly wordless update with some pictures of our highlights.  

*popsicles and black eyes (see above)



Splash park days

ImageSoccer games with cousins – our last game was last night.  The kids all got medals and they were so proud of themselves.  

ImageSack lunches in the park – our school corporation provides free sack lunches for every child in several different parks.  The first year I never took D because I thought they were for kids who needed them more than we did.  Then I found out that the more kids they feed, the more grant money they get the following year.  Now we try to go once a week.  There’s just something about those peanut butter sandwiches my kiddo loves.

We’re also taking swimming lessons this summer.  My little man is such a fast learner, but man can he be stubborn!!  He doesn’t like putting his face in the water and he can throw quite a fit about it.  The bizarre thing is he’ll do it when she’s not asking him to.  So it’s not fear.  He dives under and bounces around.  He just hates doing it when we are practicing. 





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