Garage Sale Goodness – the motherlode!

This weekend was a fantastic weekend for garage sales here in town.  I haven’t had finds like this in a LONG time.  We’re talking the kind of sales with old treasures that you dream of finding.  The best part is that after visiting two garage sales and coming home with all these treasures – plus a few little things that I forgot to photograph – I only spent $45.


This picture is from garage sale 1 on Friday.  The map is going in WeeMan’s adventure bedroom – the stand on the large globe is broken so I will be making the globe itself into a shade for WeeMan’s ceiling light and the small globe is for his room also.  The picture and the frame – well they’re going to become a Large chalkboard after I repaint the frame – not sure which room they’re going to find a home in yet though.


This is from Saturday’s only garage sale stop – all the goodness in the next three picture’s was had for only $25.  The Betty Crocker cookbook is a first edition – first printing.  The binding is in perfect shape and the pages aren’t marked or spotted up. (Whose cookbook looks that good?! Definitely not mine!)   I paid 50 cents for the cookbook and it turns out it’s worth quite a bit more.  The whale will be holding pencils on WeeMan’s desk, I’m not sure which glasses I’m holding onto yet – I love the carrier but the frosted glasses are hand painted and three of them no longer have flowers on them.


Love the box of drink stirrers – I’ve pulled out my favorites and put them in a blue mason jar.  Also excited about the pyrex bowls – you can never have enough pyrex!


Love these 8 state glasses.  We’ll be holding on to these.  After some research I found out they were sold with Big Top Peanut Butter in them in the 50’s.  Big Top Peanut Butter was later bought by Jiff.  Don’t you wish your peanut butter came in something so awesome?Image

Finally these game board was made by the Wolverine company in the 1920’s.  It is missing two hurdles and two horses – but I love the graphics and the colors.  It will be finding a home in our living room.

There were several other little goodies including some Jadite and a happy little Santa, but as you can see from what I did photograph – this garage sale weekend was one for the books.


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7 thoughts on “Garage Sale Goodness – the motherlode!

  1. Oh my goodness, what a HAUL! Love the Pyrex and the state glasses are awesome! I like showing my Grandma my thrifting finds because she remembers what came with what. For instance, Quaker oatmeal used to give out the prettiest aqua and cream colored bowls. I have a few, and I just love them. The family asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I declared a day of babysitters so I can go to every thrift store I know of, and then stop at garage sales along the way. 😉

    • Oh that sounds like a wonderful birthday! My little WeeMan is off to his grandma’s next week. He’s going to spend the week with her and go to VBS at the little country church I grew up in. I’ve already managed to get hubby to promise to go picking with me in some flea markets and junk stores up here in northern Indiana.

    • I never find so many treasures. The pricing was completely crazy too. When I talked to another friend who had been to the sale, she said the lady having it goes to auctions and buys stuff by the box. She was really surprised that she let the cookbook get away though!

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