Rainy Days

It’s rained at least a little bit every single day for the last two weeks.  Lots of people around here are complaining, wishing the rain would let up.  





Not me though – the farmers and me are  thrilled with the rain.  Our daily showers are usually quick and light – not making things too wet, just wet enough for the most part. Image

Why am I so happy with all this rain? 



Because I can’t help but remember last summer at this time they were canceling the fireworks shows, camp fires and fire pits had been outlawed, my rain barrels had been empty for weeks, and my  poor yard and garden were brown.


In a few more weeks thanks to the nice wet days I’ll be using this basil and fresh tomatoes from my garden 


to make homemade bruschetta. Mmmmm my mouth waters just thinking about it.  



In the meantime, we’ll spend our rainy time splashing in puddles, working on crafts, reading library books, watching shows about ocean animals and dinosaurs, all curled up in our favorite hiding spots – even if that spot is inside a wicker clothes hamper filled with stuffed critters.



2 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. I know the rain is endless and annoying, but so much beauty comes out of it. What an adorable critter, now why can’t the critters I find look like that?

  2. No complaining about the rain here either! Actually – we could start to use some really soon. Your tomatoes and basil are ahead of mine – but I’m hoping to taste soon!

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