Garage Sale Goodness – the motherlode!

This weekend was a fantastic weekend for garage sales here in town.  I haven’t had finds like this in a LONG time.  We’re talking the kind of sales with old treasures that you dream of finding.  The best part is that after visiting two garage sales and coming home with all these treasures – plus a few little things that I forgot to photograph – I only spent $45.


This picture is from garage sale 1 on Friday.  The map is going in WeeMan’s adventure bedroom – the stand on the large globe is broken so I will be making the globe itself into a shade for WeeMan’s ceiling light and the small globe is for his room also.  The picture and the frame – well they’re going to become a Large chalkboard after I repaint the frame – not sure which room they’re going to find a home in yet though.


This is from Saturday’s only garage sale stop – all the goodness in the next three picture’s was had for only $25.  The Betty Crocker cookbook is a first edition – first printing.  The binding is in perfect shape and the pages aren’t marked or spotted up. (Whose cookbook looks that good?! Definitely not mine!)   I paid 50 cents for the cookbook and it turns out it’s worth quite a bit more.  The whale will be holding pencils on WeeMan’s desk, I’m not sure which glasses I’m holding onto yet – I love the carrier but the frosted glasses are hand painted and three of them no longer have flowers on them.


Love the box of drink stirrers – I’ve pulled out my favorites and put them in a blue mason jar.  Also excited about the pyrex bowls – you can never have enough pyrex!


Love these 8 state glasses.  We’ll be holding on to these.  After some research I found out they were sold with Big Top Peanut Butter in them in the 50’s.  Big Top Peanut Butter was later bought by Jiff.  Don’t you wish your peanut butter came in something so awesome?Image

Finally these game board was made by the Wolverine company in the 1920’s.  It is missing two hurdles and two horses – but I love the graphics and the colors.  It will be finding a home in our living room.

There were several other little goodies including some Jadite and a happy little Santa, but as you can see from what I did photograph – this garage sale weekend was one for the books.


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Southern Vacation

For the past 4 years we have made sure that every summer we road trip down to Alabama at least once to visit my husband’s Great Aunt Joyce.  She is a very special lady to both my husband and my son.  Hubby spent weeks with her and her husband in the summer when he was growing up – and he loved those days.  She was more like a grandma than an aunt in some ways.  And then there’s my WeeMan – we took him down to visit Aunt Joyce for the first time when he was 3 months old – it’s been love since then.  His most treasured critter – the one that goes everywhere with him – is Aunt Joyce Bear, a big soft well loved dingy white bear.  

During the past two years, visiting her has changed.  We used to visit her at her house.  Now we spend our time with her in the nursing home she lives in.  See this sweet lady is in her 90s and she just can’t live on her own anymore.  It’s more challenging to entertain a 4 year old for hours in a nursing home – but it can be done.  No matter how difficult it is there is no way we could deprive him or her of their visit time.  

So here’s the highlights in pictures of this year’s trip.


Hello again!

ImageFeeding the giant goldfish in the courtyard




Froggy friend


Squinkies – hours of entertainment




Summer Flying By

ImageWe’re staying way too busy this summer between Tee Ball and Soccer, garage sales, school trainings, swimming, and library trips.  But it’s a good kind of busy.  I just hope our summer doesn’t go too fast! I mean where did June go? It’s almost over for crying out loud.  I thought I’d do a nearly wordless update with some pictures of our highlights.  

*popsicles and black eyes (see above)



Splash park days

ImageSoccer games with cousins – our last game was last night.  The kids all got medals and they were so proud of themselves.  

ImageSack lunches in the park – our school corporation provides free sack lunches for every child in several different parks.  The first year I never took D because I thought they were for kids who needed them more than we did.  Then I found out that the more kids they feed, the more grant money they get the following year.  Now we try to go once a week.  There’s just something about those peanut butter sandwiches my kiddo loves.

We’re also taking swimming lessons this summer.  My little man is such a fast learner, but man can he be stubborn!!  He doesn’t like putting his face in the water and he can throw quite a fit about it.  The bizarre thing is he’ll do it when she’s not asking him to.  So it’s not fear.  He dives under and bounces around.  He just hates doing it when we are practicing. 




Perfect Berry Picking Weather


Today was the perfect day to visit the Strawberry patch.  We loaded up a caravan full of friends – 4 adults and 8 little ones between the ages of 6 and 1 if you can imagine! We picked our fill and had full buckets and baskets after only an hour of being in the sunshine.  The little did a terrific job of only picking the red ones and steering clear of the ones that had gotten a little too ripe.  

ImageThe berries were plentiful and easy to find


It doesn’t seem like work when the sun is shining and you know the end product will be sweet rewards!



We wrapped up our hard work with lunch at Chik -Fil -A.  I’m pretty sure they thought they were being invaded by a daycare/ preschool field trip at first, but as usual they were wonderfully hospitable.  Quickly helping us arrange a few tables so we could all sit together and carrying food and drink and condiments to the table for us as needed.  After lunch the kiddos even found the energy to play on the playground for a bit.


Now the real work begins! What to do with 7 pounds of strawberries…. think I’d better go do some searching on Pinterest.  Maybe freezer jam.


Summer Daze 2

Today is our second official day of summer vacation and I hope the rest of the days look like today!

We started our day out by walking to the library.  Little man got signed up for the summer reading program and brought home a stack of books to read – all about critters of course!  Mama even managed to grab a couple of books off the adult stacks.  (If you’ve ever taken a preschooler to the library you know that is quite an accomplishment!)

We spent a good couple of hours in the library doing puzzles and reading and then made our way home.  Once we got home we had a picnic lunch in the backyard and started to set up our pool.  

Then it was time for some quiet time to rest up for Vacation Bible School tonight.  While WeeMan rested I was able to do my Bible Study for the day.  I’m participating in the “Anything” Bible study with the Good Morning Girls.  So far I am really enjoying the way the daily reading is set up and the book.  I’m definitely feeling the push to do something – to shake my comfy world up.

I know it’s not very exciting but these are the kind of summer days I live for.

Happy Heart

ImageSummer break has arrived! Friday was the last day for the kiddos – tomorrow is the last day for the teachers as long as I can get my room torn down.  We kicked off summer vacation with a rainy weekend – but between the rain showers we managed to visit the neighborhood block party and WeeMan squeezed in some corn hole.


The day was made even better when we were able to see friends from long ago and far away – they’ve been serving in South Africa as missionaries with Nieu Communities and are transitioning back to the states to do mission work in Boston.  Can’t believe how much their kids have grown.  Made my heart happy to catch up for a few minutes.


There was even a garage band

ImageAnd of course there were hot dogs.

On a completely different note, I just read today that Xanga may be closing down.  That’s where I got my start blogging and that’s where some of my most heart wrenching and joyful blog entries are.  I was blogging there when we decided to pursue infertility treatments for our WeeMan.  Now I’m in the process of trying to figure out how to download and save my Xanga blog.  I can’t bear the thought of such an important piece of my life being lost forever.

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Unplugged – well sort of….

Many of our friends have ditched cable and satellite – some to save money and some to cut back on their tv watching.  Well hubby finally agreed to take the leap and give it a try over the summer.  We are going to keep our internet through our service provider, but we are going to turn in our dvr and ditch tv for the summer.  Okay not really.  Our plan is to give Netflix and HuluPlus a try.  I like that HuluPlus has so many of the old sitcoms from our growing up days available.  You know the ones that didn’t seem nearly as trashy as the things on tv today.  I also just discovered that we can stream Amazon Prime (which we have) on our Wii  – so when I say we are unplugging what I guess I mean is we are cutting back and trying to be more conscious of what we’re watching and how much we are watching.

In other news – Memorial Day was nice.  We went north to Michigan to visit the in-laws.  WeeMan had a fantastic time playing with his cousin.  Then Monday was low-key and spent mostly at home.  I did get my June groceries and we had friends over for dinner.  But other than that we watched the rain and stayed inside.  

I’ll leave you with some pictures of WeeMan and his cousin.  ImageImageImage

Almost Done

Only 9 days of school left.  It seems like at this time of year we’re all just marking time.  Grades are pretty well done, we know who is moving on to the next grade and who will be back, testing is done, and we’re just biding our time trying to squeeze in some last few days of fun.  This year is a bit odd, my student teachers last day was on Thursday, so I definitely feel like I’m just marking time.  Honestly, I wish we were done now.  It’s hard to come in and pick up where she left off.  If we hadn’t had all the snow and flooding in March and April, we’d be winding down with our last day on Friday.  While I enjoyed the snow days in March… now I’m wishing we were going to be done on time.  (What can I say can’t please everyone!)

In the meantime we’re welcoming summer with some of our favorite activities and projects here in our little piece of home.  ImageOur first trip to the Fort Wayne Zoo Friday with David’s preschool.  We renewed our membership so there will be many more trips to come this summer.  I was so proud of our Big boy for staying right with us the whole time.

ImagePlaying some Saturday morning soccer.  WeeMan scored a goal and played goalie.  Unfortunately, mommy missed it.  Daddy took him to the game so mommy could go garage sale at the town wide garage sales in the next town.  (Sad I missed his goal – but found lots of random goodies at garage sales – so it made up for it.)

ImageCelebrating the last day of preschool for this year with family on Sunday – a cookout and some swing time with cousins.

ImageHelping daddy with a fun summer project!

ImageSummer project #1 before, during, and after .  Yahtzee dice for the yard!

ImageFinally, the garden is started.  This summer we’re mostly growing a salsa/ bruschetta garden.  Lots of tomatoes, basil, cilantro, and peppers.  Yum!

I’ve also been sticking to my monthly menu plan.  This month I had to make one extra sizable trip to the grocery after doing my big monthly shopping.  Mostly, I had to make that one because the in laws came and stayed the whole weekend instead of the day.  I’m looking forward to doing even better in June.  I’ve got our menu planned for the month, and I’m working on my grocery list and pantry inventory.  I’ll have to post about it later.  

Come on summer! I’m ready to catch up at home. 


Ivory 2 -in-1 Hair & Body Wash Newbie

I received a full size bottle of the new Ivory 2-in-Hair & Body wash to try out from Influenster.


First thing I loved as I removed it from the box – the size of the bottle.  This is a large bottle so it’s going to last and last even though you’re using it for more than one thing.  

Second thing I loved – the smell.  I was afraid it would smell like the old Ivory – which while a nice clean smell was a little too strong and a little too soapy for me.  So I was happy to be greeted with a nice fresh smell – a little summery – not too girly and not too manly.  Just right for everyone in the family.

This soap has great suds for washing and shaving my legs.  My little guy was relieved that it didn’t burn his eyes when we used it to wash his hair and my hubby was thrilled that it was easy – one product does it all.   

I will definitely be buying Ivory 2-in-1 for our family.  Can’t beat the value and got to love the clean!

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Disclaimer : I received a full size bottle of this product for free from Influenster.

The Week Ahead

So I’m on week 2 of the monthly meal plan.  So far – we’ve had a couple of minor changes – but it’s working really well.  I made one large grocery trip the week before last.  I thought I had everything besides the staples I knew I would have to replace as the weeks progressed, and I’d have been in great shape except for unexpected company for the whole weekend this weekend.  That meant I had to make another good sized trip last weekend.  

I’m hoping as I get the hang of this that I’ll be prepared for unexpected company and won’t have any more surprise trips.

This week I had one minor change – I was planning to do pizza soup in the crockpot today, but who wants to eat soup when it’s summery outside.  So I’m not sure what we’ll have for dinner tonight.  Maybe just grilled cheese sandwiches.  

Here’s the plan for the week ahead 

Monday – ????

Tuesday – Daddy plays cards – so David and I have sandwiches

Wednesday – Chicken and spinach enchiladas

Thursday – pancakes and bacon or BLT’s (T-ball practice night – so we may have to do quick easy)

Friday – 2nd Grade Lock in – so the boys are on their own

Saturday – Date night with our friends

Sunday – Mother’s Day – hubby is making barbecue chicken on his Big Green Egg