Pirate Party – a belated birthday post

On December 29, my baby turned 4.  For the first time since he was born, we actually got to have his birthday party on his birthday.  This year he is all about pirates and so he asked for a pirate party.  

We were able to pick up pirate kits at the Dollar Tree.  They came complete with eyepatches, hats, and bandanas.  We also found some fake teeth at the Dollar Tree – there were 4 pairs in a set and they were perfect.  After all everyone knows pirates have bad teeth.  WeeMan latched on to a pair with one painted gold because he said the captain should have a gold tooth.  He also demanded to be called Captain Gold Toof all day.  I made the mustaches out of felt, fabric glue, and sucker sticks.  

We found party decorations at Walmart.  We even found a pirate piñata there.  First time for a piñata.  I think next year we’ll skip the piñata too.  It got a little dangerous!!  

Finally I found a picture of a pirate cake on Pinterest and one of our church friends did a fantastic job of replicating it for us.  

My only regret is I didn’t get a picture of all the kids in their pirate garb! Taking a picture of all of them was a little like trying to herd cats!!  ImageImageImageImage