December Weekends

Today was a busy weekend for us.  WeeMan visited with Santa at the library.  Last year he wasn’t too sure about the jolly fellow, but this year – he had no fear – well except for informing me he wasn’t going to talk to any elves because he said elves are weird.  Not sure if that’s due to our elf on the shelf Francis – or just a new WeeManism.  He was so excited to see Santa, he even took the time to rat out some of his friends for singing the Batman Smells version of Jingle Bells and for calling each other names.  Yep – guess who will be working on not tattling this year!!  



Today was busy too.  We had a birthday party for my nephew, church, and a cookie exchange.  Now I’m vegetating and watching “ELF” with the family, instead of lesson planning.  Fog rolled in about two hours ago and I’ll confess I’m hoping it sticks around until morning.  

For the cookie exchange I made two new Pinterest recipes and I was thrilled with both.  The exchange was at my house so I made this hot chocolate for everyone to enjoy.

Holy cow it was the most delicious Hot Cocoa in the world!! I’m pretty sure I gained 5 pounds from one glass but it was totally worth it. 

As for my cookies I made White Chocolate topped Gingerbread Cookies and they were a winner too.  Here’s the link to them.

I highly recommend them too!