Ugly picture to a new chalkboard

You probably remember this monstrosity I found at an estate sale last weekend.  


Great frame – ugly print.  Not to worry spray paint and chalkboard paint to the rescue again


Here is the frame after painting – It’s actually quite a bit darker than this.  Not sure why this picture looks so light.

Next step painting over the print with chalkboard paint.


Voila! A new chalkboard by the front door. 


Let it Begin!

Garage sale season has arrived in Indiana!  This is one of my favorite times of year.  There’s just something about digging through other peoples trash to find a treasure, especially when you can get an amazing deal on it.  

Today was the first BIG sale around here.  I am excited to report I found lots of bargains and came home with money left over.  I’m also happy to report I managed to remember not to buy WeeMan any clothes  except one swim shirt and we’ll need that for the splash park this summer.(he has plenty and is set for summer otherwise).  I did find some clothes for me, yaay!  I also came home with several new CDs and a couple of movies.  But here is my favorite loot.Image Les Miserables 10 year anniversary CDs, the rest of the set of Muppet glasses from McD’s in the early 80s, a little red metal tool box, a great picture frame that will be getting a coat of either turquoise or yellow paint, and my favorite piece – a baby blue Zenith AM radio from 1959 in mint condition that actually works!  

A terrific open to the season I think!