Daddy’s Hands – My Daddy’s Legacy

4 years ago today we lost my hero. I try to keep his memory alive for my WeeMan with stories about his papaw that he will never really get to know. It breaks my heart that they will never go on the camping trips that dad planned, they will not hunt mushrooms or arrowheads, or debate history or the Bible. But then I look at my miracle boy – named for my daddy – and I see my father in his eyes that are often compassionate sticking up for the smaller kid, in his hands digging up treasures – rocks, worms, bugs, plants, and in his wisdom beyond his years as he asks us to tell him a Jesus story and then pipes in with an insight that you don’t expect from a 4 year old child. So even though my father went to Heaven 4 years ago today, I know that he lives on in his grandson.