Wow! Indiana weather at it’s craziest.  This weekend we had severe storms, flooding, low 30’s, snow, and high 60’s.  Welcome to Indiana!  I’m crossing my fingers and my toes that spring has finally arrived.  It seems to be awfully slow coming this year.  

We’ve taken full advantage of the warm days – using them to work in the yard.  I’ve even mowed twice with our reel mower.  (Thank you rain)  We’ve also added sand to the sand box and gotten out all the patio furniture.  We’re in the process of setting up a raised bed for strawberries.  I think the last couple of steps are filling it with just a little more dirt and planting the plants.  This week I’m hoping to finish that bed and get my garden cleaned out and tilled up.  I’ll need to add some compost to the garden this year too.   Maybe I can work on the planters next week – if the warm weather sticks around. 

In other news, we’ve done some rearranging throughout the house.  We’ve also worked on some serious spring cleaning.  I’ve gone through WeeMan’s clothes and pulled his spring/ summer stuff. (What can I say I’m hopeful)  I’ve got two girls coming this week to look through the too small stuff and maybe buy some for their littles.  We also moved his train table out of his room – kind of a sad moment for this mama.  My wee man isn’t so wee anymore.  

Big plans for next month – kitchen organization and I’m going to be wild and crazy and try to plan May’s menu ahead of time.  (Yep the entire month)  Here’s hoping.