Unplugged – well sort of….

Many of our friends have ditched cable and satellite – some to save money and some to cut back on their tv watching.  Well hubby finally agreed to take the leap and give it a try over the summer.  We are going to keep our internet through our service provider, but we are going to turn in our dvr and ditch tv for the summer.  Okay not really.  Our plan is to give Netflix and HuluPlus a try.  I like that HuluPlus has so many of the old sitcoms from our growing up days available.  You know the ones that didn’t seem nearly as trashy as the things on tv today.  I also just discovered that we can stream Amazon Prime (which we have) on our Wii  – so when I say we are unplugging what I guess I mean is we are cutting back and trying to be more conscious of what we’re watching and how much we are watching.

In other news – Memorial Day was nice.  We went north to Michigan to visit the in-laws.  WeeMan had a fantastic time playing with his cousin.  Then Monday was low-key and spent mostly at home.  I did get my June groceries and we had friends over for dinner.  But other than that we watched the rain and stayed inside.  

I’ll leave you with some pictures of WeeMan and his cousin.  ImageImageImage